every storm that comes also comes to an end

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And I’ll generate a number from 1-22. All funny and fluffy prompts meant as comedy starters- because there’s not enough giggling going on and we all deserve a little comic relief!
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{🏆} ——  "I-I love it, I mean… I could totally use it all the time." Eeyore you’re a terrible liar.


⊰::::⊱            ;; ❝I’m smarter than that. Why don’t you just tell me the truth?❞

reunited au → cadence & ?? ( open )

⊰::ღ::⊱           ;; Cadence was never late for class, and she knew that at such a university like Oxford, there would be a consequence even for one time. She ran down the halls, her ballet flats tapping on the tiled floors until she reached her first hour class. Taking a deep breath and preparing for the whole class to make fun of the American girl making such a silly mistake, she pulled open the door and slowly walked in. 

❝Nice of you to join us, Ms. Johnson,❞ The teacher, Mr. Armstrong, rolled his eyes.  ❝We were just welcoming our new student.❞

Cadence’s brown irises looked by Mr. Armstrong, her eyebrows furrowing. The new student looked a lot like her best friend from high school, but her eyes might have been deceiving her. 

❝Sorry for being late,❞ The girl uttered,eyes still on the new student.  ❝And welcome. I’m Cadence.❞

She wasn’t going to be deceived that easily. Smiling awkwardly, she moved to her seat in the back, sighing at some of the British kids snickering and whispering at her. 

❝Why don’t you go take a seat next to our late bird?❞ Mr. Armstrong told the new student before he pointed over at Cadence.

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hi let’s plot and become best friends please

i will shower you with food and affection

i will love you v much

[ grabby hands ]


⊰::::⊱           ;;  ❝    ❞ Oh god, stop staring. Look away, right now    there you go, good job. 

⊰::::⊱           ;;  ❝   Smooth. How do you run into a wall, Cadence? ❝There’s a wall there.❞ She lets out a nervous laugh.


                                            but i’m only human

                                                   and i bleed when i fall down

                                             i’m only human

                                                   and i crash and i breakdown


What will you do

                          when my mask  sɹǝʇʇɐɥs

                                                           and you see how


                                        I really am?

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